Swimming Pool

Cuki Residence Sisevac has two thermal pools - a seasonal outdoor swimming pool (28C-34C) and a closed hydromassage pool (32C-36C) open 365 days a year.

In our swimming pools in the tourist settlement Sisevac you can enjoy all year round. As snow falls through the panoramic windows of the indoor pool you can enjoy the real winter idyll and afford a luxury worthy of Hollywood stars. That's right - now the luxury of swimming in the thermal pool with a view of the forest is also available to you!

Indoor Swimming Pool 32C-36C


Heating, music, Wi-Fi

Our indoor pool is not designed for mass tourism where you will crash with other swimmers. Our indoor swimming pool with thermal water in Sisevac is intended for enjoying in an intimate atmosphere. Whether you are with a family on a weekend break or on a romantic holiday for two.

Many business people have described our indoor pool as an ideal opportunity for a complete relaxation after a busy day spent in negotiating new jobs.

Outdoor Swimming Pool 28C-34C

Enjoy in

Music, Wi-Fi

The outdoor swimming pool in the tourist settlement Sisevac is intended for everyone looking for relaxation during the summer months, without overpopulation. Next to the pool, there is a playground for children and a restaurant with a bar.

Considering that two pools are open in the summer - there is never too much crowd. That was our goal - a beautiful ambience for relaxation and a quiet weekend holiday with family.